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I’ve worked with Mariano for 6 years and he has always come through with incredible skill for us with our most challenging projects. He was instrumental in several major updates to our website. If you get a chance to work with Mariano, take it!
Shawn Frayne, CEO @ Looking Glass Factory

You are awesome at what you do, but are you tired of seeing your flawless designs being butchered away by a developer who couldn't care less about proper attention to detail?

Or maybe you’ve worked with developers who lacked a clear process, communicated poorly and let you wondering if you should just hire a full-time developer to get a better control over the process.

I do things very differently. I combine my design background and my strong understanding of user experience with more than a decade of experience as a front-end engineer to build compelling digital products so awesome that most of my clients become long-term partners.

My process is simple, straightforward and built upon five key principles:

  • Honest & transparent pricing: Every month, you'll be billed hourly for actual work done during the previous month. No deposits, no shady value pricing. I'll always do my best to communicate expected costs based on time estimates, and we'll check-in regularly so you can make informed business decisions.
  • Flexible scopes: Software is always evolving, and you shouldn't waste hours of valuable time on change orders and re-negotiations every time a decision has to be made. Instead, I treat budgets & timelines as the constraint, and work with you to decide what to focus on next based on your available resources and priorities.
  • Regular push communication: With pull-based communication, you need to manually ask people for information before it's ever disclosed to you. You knowing about things isn't the default, you have to ask for it every time. This will naturally create problems when, for example, somebody is concerned a deadline isn't going to be met but you never hear about it until it's too late. Instead of witholding information from you, I opt for effective push-based communication, where I make every update and relevant piece of information on your project available without you having to ask for it, even if it means having difficult conversations.
  • Async over real time: Meetings and calls are the last resort, and not the first option. I provide effective written communication channels (like a centralized Project Hub) that leave an actual paper trail of decisions for us to review, don't require schedule synchronization to work, and can be supplemented by things like video recordings when necessary.
  • Sustainable practices: It's a marathon, not a sprint. I focus on delivering high-quality, well-tested code across 24-32 (billable) hour workweeks, Monday to Friday. The expectation of immediate responses and ASAP work is also a quick path to burnout. I'll communicate with you on a regular basis (usually almost daily) through our Project Hub, and will always get back to you within a business day if anything comes up.
Mariano is talented, fast, friendly, smart and communicative. His code is clean, and he has a good eye for design. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
Michael Suen, Founder @ Weirdo By Design

If you want to...

  • Launch great web projects without frustration or bad surprises
  • Work with a developer that’s friendly, communicative, and passionate about his craft
  • See your designs come to life in a responsive, accessible, and performant way, using nothing but cutting-edge technology and the latest web standards
  • Get honest estimates, a simple pricing model, and a flexible process that will adapt to the project’s needs as it grows

Then I can use my 12 years of expertise working as a design-oriented front-end engineer to help you build, maintain, and grow your web projects.

Since 2012, I've collaborated on projects for a wide range of worldwide clients, from small design agencies to multi-million dollar companies like LinkedIn and Looking Glass Factory. Projects I've worked on have been featured in places like TechCrunch, NBC News, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, and Time Inc, to name a few.

From the first moment my team inquired about development through the final completion Mariano was on fire! He is professional, punctual, responsive and incredibly easy to work with. He gave me time to make my comments and request changes, but then got right to work and produced a very high quality, true to vision build for me and my team, I can't recommend him enough!
Shouvick Koley, Product Designer @ Looking Glass Factory


  • Front-end development: Maybe you’re looking to update an existing website, build an app prototype, or putting together a design system. I’ve worked with React, Vue, Svelte, Typescript, Next.js, NodeJS, multiple CSS methodologies, and so much more.
  • Website development: You need to launch a website for yourself or a client, and you’ve got finalized designs. I can take your designs and turn them into a real website with extra attention to detail, and a focus on accessibility, performance, and web standards.
  • Content Management Systems: If you need your web projects to be easily editable and managed by non-technical people, I can implement a Content Management System like Sanity or Storyblok and train your team and/or your clients on how to use it effectively.
  • E-commerce builds: If you’re looking to build an online store or need e-commerce functionality embedded into a custom website, I can work with the Shopify and the Storefront API to put together a solid, scalable solution for you.

Who I work with

  • LinkedIn
  • Graphite Health
  • Looking Glass Factory
  • KonMari Media
  • Weirdo By Design
  • Living Cities
  • VocaliD
Mariano: your work has been amazing. There is not a single person who is not impressed by you. You have been instrumental in taking Vimpact to a new level.
Phillip Bak, Founder @ Vimpact, Inc.

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